5 More Things To Do At Home With Your Young Children

Having a wet weather day at home? Kids bored and restless?

If you enjoyed the last post, here are 5 more toddler activity ideas to try.

They’re free, easy and loads of fun.


I don’t know about you but I have one cupboard in my kitchen solely dedicated to non-breakables (mostly Tupperware). It is the one cupboard that I do not have a child safety lock on, so my kids like to get in there one in a while and wreak havoc. If you don’t mind the clean-up afterwards, some tremendous fun and learning can be had by playing with containers and lids.

Think about all that sorting, comparing, matching and predicting going on. Will this lid fit this container? Is it too big or too small? Which containers will stack well? How many objects can I fit inside this large container? The possibilities are endless.


Find a bucket or similar large receptacle that will hold enough (uncooked) rice, spaghetti or other variety of pasta for your toddler to play in. Bear in mind, you will not be wanting this back, so if you were planning to use this for your dinner it might be better to put off this activity until you can buy some more.

After your child has had plenty of time to enjoy the sensation of immersing their hands in the rice or pasta and allowing it to run between their fingers, it might be time to add a few toys or kitchen utensils to extend their fun. Did you know that a tub of pasta can make a great toy dinosaur playground or a racing track for tiny cars?

Now, some people might take issue with using food for play. I personally don’t have a huge problem with it. If anything, I think it can help familiarize children with new food types making dinner time far less daunting but the choice is yours.


OK, when I say borrow, I do use this term loosely as you won’t be getting this back either. If you prefer, you might want to buy a cheap, generic band of shaving cream for this activity.

All you need to do for this activity is spray onto a table a play. I guarantee you will want to join in too because it feels absolutely glorious.

Ask your child how it feels? Try to come up with some interesting words to describe it. Draw and “write” using your fingers. These things will all help form the foundations of your child’s early literacy skills.

NB: Just be careful that your child does not rub their eyes while doing this, as soap in the eyes is never good :/ 


Begin by flipping through the pages of a used newspaper or magazine. Pause when your child finds a picture or photo that interests them.

Talk about what they see. Read out parts of the text that accompany that image (you may need to adapt it a little).

Point to and run your finger along the text as you do this so your child understands that the print in front of them relates to the words you are speaking.

When you are finished, try making some paper art. Fold, rip and scrunch ….feel  the stress slip away. If doing this with babies, keep a close watch as little pieces of paper can very quickly end up in their mouth!


Who can recall the simple joy of draping sheets over chairs, boxes, pillows or whatever you could find to create a secret hideaway?

All children, at some point, need peace, quiet and a sense of personal space and after a busy day trying out all of these activities, who wouldn’t?

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